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Yes we do provide free domain registration for clients who host their website with us and are on a monthly package with us. 

All web design and website maintenance services clients do not need to pay upfront for websites hosted with us. We bill web design and maintenance clients on 25th of each month for payment by 1st day of each month). It means if you start with us on 3rd of any month, you will get invoice on 25th and pay 1st of following month. However, should your website need to go live before next billing, you will be required to pay prior to going live.

We have two (2) packages for Google ads. First is no-contract, Pay as you advertise (PYA). You will pay upfront for management fees + google fees before campaigns run. These accounts are levied 20% management fees. Secondly, we have contracts clients. These accounts pay 15% management fees and pay upfront for more than 3 months advertising budget on minimum of R2300 per 2 weeks spend.

1. Who is M3 Media Associates?

We are a team of digital marketing specialists with experience ranging from 5-10 years in web design and digital advertising. We started collaborating on different individual projects until we realized that we needed each other more to perform at our best, hence our founding team member came up with the project named after him (MC Matiza). We then realized that our name “MC Matiza Media Associates) was too long, hence we shortened it to M3 Associates.

3. I need to sign up before buying any Offer/Product?

We work systematically to integrate corporate responsibility in our core business and make our expertise available for the benefit of the societies where we operate.

5. Can l transfer my doman to M3 Associates?

Yes, if you registered a domain elsewhere or have a website with another ISP, you are welcome to transfer it to us and we can host your website. We help you migrate for free.

7. What domains do we register?

Our focus is to provide domains and hosting that serve the South African markets, hence we focus on mainly and .org domains. On special occasions we do register a .com domain should the website require such or .app or such industry specific TLDs.

2. Where are we based?

Our Head Office is Cape Town, but we have members across South Africa, Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town andwe continue to grow in other cities?

4. Why are we called Associates?

We are professional peers, who operate not on a boss and employee relationship. Our focus in providing client support and service and we rather not be boggled by the burden of corporate structure and management. This helps us to allow are creativity to max, as we have no corporate bureaucracy to deal with. 

6. l dont have idea of how or where to start. The whole digital thing is not my forte, how can you help?

This is one of our major focus. To assist entrepreneur with a business idea in their head to formulate the blue print, brand it and launch the project on digital space. Just get in touch and we will gladly assist from the beginning until your business is running smoothly.

8. What payment methods do you offer?

We offer debit order facilities for monthly packages. However, clients can opt to make monthly payments. We provide bank transfer payments, Instant EFT, MasterPass, Credit card and debit card payments.

Don’t get answer to my question?

Our support team will assist you